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Current Issue:
July 15, 2017
Vol. 199 (2)

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Current Issue:
June/July 2017

AAI President Wayne Yokoyama, M.D.

AAI welcomes Wayne M. Yokoyama, M.D., as the 101st president (July 2017 - June 2018).

Dr. Yokoyama's Message to AAI Members

Save the Dates!
IMMUNOLOGY 2018™  |  Austin, Texas: May 4-8, 2018
View 2017 Abstracts

AAI 2017 Election Results

NIH Abandons Plan to Implement Grant Support Index (GSI)
Following Community Feedback

AAI letter to Dr. Francis Collins on the GSI  
NIH Director’s Statement on the GSI and the Next Generation Researchers Initiative

AAI Summer Immunology Course Registration Now Open

AAI strongly opposes President Trump’s proposed
~20% cut to NIH for fiscal year 2018

The AAI statement urges Congressional leaders to “prevent cuts to, and continue to invest in, NIH and any other federal agency whose work makes possible important scientific discovery or the application of this knowledge to benefit humanity.” Read full statement here.

AAI Announces 2017-18 Public Policy Fellows

AAI Announces 2017 Career Award Recipients

Career Advisory Board
AAI Launches New Career Resource for
Members: AAI Career Advisory Board

Washington, D.C.: May 12-16, 2017

In Memoriam

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