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The American Association of Immunologists

Conflict of Interest Policy

The leadership of The American Association of Immunologists, Inc. ("AAI") understands the importance of serving AAI to the best of its ability and with the highest degree of undivided duty, loyalty, and care. Accordingly, the AAI Council ("Council") adopts the following Conflict of Interest ("COI") Policy ("Policy") for all officers, members of Council*, senior staff**, editors of AAI journals, chairs of the Awards Committee, Finance Committee, Nominating Committee, Program Committee, Committee on Public Affairs, and Publications Committee, and any other chair the Council so designates.

For the complete Conflict of Interest Policy of AAI, please click here.

* Members of the Council include ex officio members: the AAI Executive Director ("Executive Director"), the Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Immunology, and the chairs of the Publications and Program Committees.

** "Senior staff" includes all Directors and any other staff so designated by the Executive Director.


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