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Committee on Public Affairs

The AAI Public Affairs program is a member-based public affairs program which relies on the knowledge, talent, and involvement of the members of the Committee on Public Affairs ("CPA"), as well as the support of professional society staff.

The program's success depends on active participation by, and frequent communication among, CPA members and the professional staff (the AAI Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs, the AAI Science Policy and Legislative Affairs Specialist, and the AAI Science Policy Analyst). Together, they stay informed, develop AAI positions, and set and achieve goals. The CPA Chair and the Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs will ensure regular and frequent communication with the AAI Executive Director and the AAI Council.

Mission Statement

The AAI Committee on Public Affairs ("CPA") will identify, analyze, and respond to policy, legislative, and regulatory initiatives that are of interest to immunologists or to biomedical researchers in general. The CPA will lead the public policy efforts of the AAI and interact with relevant government officials and other professional organizations/societies, always advocating for the best interests of science and working to improve the professional lives of immunologists.

The CPA will:

  1. monitor and analyze federal legislation, regulations (proposed and/or existing), and budgets that may impact AAI members and science as a whole, and take action as needed;
  2. maintain and/or create contacts/liaisons with Congress, federal agencies, and other professional societies/like-minded organizations, and work as necessary to advance mutual interests; and
  3. represent and apprise AAI members regarding issues of professional concern, and assist members in informing their elected representatives and their communities about those issues.



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