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Career Advisory Board (CAB)

Sponsored by the AAI Committee on the Status of Women (CSOW)


The AAI Career Advisory Board (CAB) offers senior postdocs (start of fourth year and beyond) and early-career faculty the opportunity to speak with an established scientist outside of their own institutions for career advice.

The CAB is a referral service providing a means for matching senior postdocs (start of fourth year and beyond) and early-career PIs who submit requests for guidance on specific career issues with more senior scientists with experience and insights in those areas. The program is not meant to replace the mentoring programs at a young scientist's home institution, but, rather, to serve as a resource for senior postdocs and early-career PIs to obtain advice on a specific question from established investigators outside of their home institutions—often through a single phone call.

Topics include (but are not limited to)

  • Balancing family and work
  • Timing for first grant submission
  • Recruiting
  • Handling personnel problems
  • Managing the lab
  • Finding a mentor
  • Building networks
  • Preparing for leadership
  • Balancing service obligations
  • Teaching
  • Serving on NIH study sections

Note: The CAB is not designed to provide assistance with grant writing or review, the focus of the AAI GRIP (Grant Review for Immunologists Program).

Applicants specify the topic or issue they want to address. They may also specify persons not to be contacted on their behalf.


The CAB is Open to all senior postdocs (start of fourth year and beyond) and early-faculty AAI members.

To Apply

Click here to log in and apply.

Your request will be forwarded to the CSOW subcommittee members who designate an appropriate advisor from a pool of AAI volunteers—men and women—agreeing to remain “on call.” The designated advisor will contact you to arrange a phone call or correspondence.

Both men and women serve as advisors.

Interested in volunteering as an established PI advisor? If you are interested in volunteering as an advisor, send an e-mail with the topic(s) you wish to address to infoaai@aai.org. (Please write CAB in the subject line.)


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