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Travel for Techniques Awardees

2017 - Winter Application Cycle

Sara Anvari, M.D.

Sara Anvari, M.D. (AAI '17)
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Baylor College of Medicine

Destination: Kari Nadeau's laboratory at Stanford University in Stanford, California
Technique: To learn how to isolate dendritic cells, co-culture dendritic cells with T regulatory cells and optimize proliferation assays using food antigens at stimulants, and identify food antigen-specific CD4+ T cells using tetramers
Application: To analyze samples from food allergy patients undergoing oral immunotherapy to help in assessing the safety and efficacy of the immunotherapy regimens

Tesfaye Belay, Ph.D.

Tesfaye Belay, Ph.D. (AAI '16)
Bluefield State College

Destination: Ashlesh Murthy's laboratory at Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona
Technique: Develop a new mouse line with beta2 adrenergic receptor knockout on CD4+ T cells
Application: To study the role of norepinephrine receptor-mediated cellular signaling in the pathogenesis of stress-induced enhancement of severity of chlamydial genital infection and immune response in mice

Melinda M. Dean, Ph.D.

Melinda M. Dean, Ph.D. (AAI '16)
Senior Research Fellow
Australian Red Cross Blood Service

Destination: Visiting Sandra Nance at the American Red Cross Immunohematology Reference Laboratory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Technique: The monocyte monolayer assay
Application: To identify anti-RBC antibodies that are likely to result in adverse transfusion reactions in order to implement a comparative assay for transfusion recipients in Australia

Kerstin Nundel, Ph.D.

Kerstin Nundel, Ph.D. (AAI '14)
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Destination: Harinder Singh's laboratory at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio
Technique: RNA-seq, FAIRE-seq and STARR-seq techniques, and bioinformatics analysis
Application: Analysis of epigenetic changes in B cells in response to BCR/TLR9 co-activation

Joyce Rauch, Ph.D.

Joyce Rauch, Ph.D. (AAI '83)
Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre

Destination: Eric Boilard's laboratory at Laval University in Québec, QC, Canada
Technique: An immune complex-mediated systemic shock model, and quantification and characterization of circulating platelet microparticles
Application: To identify the role of platelet microparticles and IgG-mediated anaphylaxis in the systemic shock and premature death observed in their systemic lupus erythematosus model

Michael Schnoor, Ph.D.

Michael Schnoor, Ph.D. (AAI '12)
Assistant Professor
Centre for Research and Advanced Studies

Destination: Anuska Andjeikovic's laboratory at the University of Michigan Medical School in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Technique: Analysis of endothelial permeability and leukocyte trafficking in the brain after middle cerebral artery occlusion-induced brain injury
Application: To study the role of actin-binding proteins for the regulation of blood-brain barrier functions in gene-deficient mice in health and disease

2016 - Fall Application Cycle

Kathryn_Dupnik, M.D.

Kathryn M. Dupnik, M.D. (AAI '15)
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Weill Cornell Medical College

Destination: Richard Truman’s laboratory at the National Hansen’s Disease Research Program in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Technique: Best laboratory practice for Mycobacterium leprae-infected mice
Application: Develop a model for the induction of pathologic immune reactions during infection

2016 - Summer Application Cycle

Jose Crispin, M.D.

Jose Crispin, M.D. (AAI '11)
Staff Researcher
Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Médicas y Nutrición Salvador Zubiran

Designated Traveler: Marco Tapia Maltos (AAI ’16), Ph.D. Student
Destination: Konrad Krzewski's laboratory at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
Technique: CRISPR/Cas9 methodology
Application: Study of the effects of single nucleotide polymorphisms on the behavior of genes in order to achieve a deeper understanding of the pathogenesis of lupus

Jose Partida-Sanchez, Ph.D.

Santiago Partida-Sánchez, Ph.D. (AAI '01)
Associate Professor
The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Designated Traveler: Frank Robledo-Avila, Ph.D. (AAI '16), Postdoctoral Fellow
: Dana-Lynn Koomoa's laboratory at the University of Hawaii at Hilo
Technique: Simultaneous Fura-2 ratiometric calcium imaging and whole-cell patch clamp in phagocytes
Application: Study of how ion channels in phagocytic cells regulate the inflammatory response

Gregory Wu, M.D., Ph.D.

Gregory Wu, M.D., Ph.D. (AAI '09)
Assistant Professor
Washington University in St. Louis

Destination: Anita Koshy's laboratory at the University of Arizona
Technique: Laser capture microdissection
Application: Characterization of the molecular features of several different subsets of perivascular macrophages within the central nervous system

2016 - Winter Application Cycle

William Kerr, Ph.D.

William Kerr, Ph.D. (AAI '99)
SUNY Upstate Medical University

Destination: Didier Marguet’s laboratory at the Center for Immunology Marseille-Luminy
Technique: Nanoscopic microscopy techniques
Application: Characterize the lateral organization of the cell membrane in normal and mutant lymphocyte populations at a sub-optical level

Lora Petrie-Hanson, Ph.D.

Lora Petrie-Hanson, Ph.D. (AAI '16)
Associate Professor
Mississippi State University

Destination: Jeffrey Yoder's laboratory at North Carolina State University in Raleigh
Technique: Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR)/Cas9 methodology in zebrafish
Application: Identification of conserved signaling pathways in NK cells

2015 - Fall Application Cycle

Jorg Fritz, Ph.D.

Jorg Fritz, Ph.D. (AAI '12)
Assistant Professor
McGill University

Destination: Paige Lacy's laboratory at University of Alberta
Technique: Super resolution microscopy for resolving intracellular structures
Application: Analysis of innate lymphoid cell intracellular structures

Jianrong Sheng, M.D., Ph.D.

Jianrong Sheng, M.D., Ph.D. (AAI '06)
Assistant Professor
University of Chicago

Destination: Quan-Zhen Li's laboratory at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Technique: High-throughput techniques for autoantibody profiling
Application: Analysis of autoantibodies found in myasthenia gravis patients

Jamie Sturgill, Ph.D.

Jamie Sturgill, Ph.D. (AAI '13)
Assistant Professor
Virginia Commonwealth University

Destination: Bruce Levy's lab at Brigham and Women's Hospital
Technique: Acid-induced and infectious lung injury models
Application: Examination of sphingolipid biology in acute lung inflammation

2015 - Summer Application Cycle

Rachel Gerstein, Ph.D.

Rachel Gerstein, Ph.D. (AAI ’05)
Associate Professor
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Destination: Eugene Oltz’s laboratory at Washington University in St. Louis
Technique: RNA-seq and FAIRE-seq
Application: Analysis of B cell lymphoma genetics

Sung Ouk Kim, Ph.D.

Sung Ouk Kim, Ph.D. (AAI ’05)
Associate Professor
University of Western Ontario

Destination: Zhijun Duan’s laboratory at University of Washington in Seattle
Technique: Targeted DNase Hi-C for mapping chromatin architecture
Application: Investigation of the chromatin structure associated with proinflammatory cytokine enhancers

Conchi Mora, Ph.D.

Conchi Mora, Ph.D. (AAI ’07)
Associate Professor
University of Lleida

Destination: Lluís Fajas’ laboratory at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland
Technique: Kinome analysis and profiling
Application: Understanding the role of cyclin D3 in beta cells from diabetes-prone mice

Aaron Neumann, Ph.D.

Aaron Neumann, Ph.D. (AAI ’14)
Assistant Professor
University of New Mexico School of Medicine

Destination: David Williams’ laboratory at East Tennessee State University
Technique: Purification and physicochemical characterization of fungal cell wall polysaccharides
Application: Study of the interaction between Dectin-1 and yeast glucan nanostructures

2015 - Winter Application Cycle

Pierette Appasamy, Ph.D. (AAI ’13)

Pierette Appasamy, Ph.D. (AAI ’13)
Assistant Professor
Chatham University

Destination: Michael Criscitiello’s laboratory at Texas A & M University
Technique: Larval thymectomy in a Xenopus laevis model
Application: Studies of ontogeny and extrathymic development of γδ T cells

Peter Balogh, Ph.D. (AAI ’11)

Peter Balogh, Ph.D. (AAI ’11)
Associate Professor
University of Pécs, Hungary

Destination: Andras Nagy’s lab at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto
Technique: Embryo complementation and aggregation assays
Application: Investigation of the regulation of stromal differentiation in murine peripheral lymphoid organs

Kymberly Gowdy, Ph.D. (AAI ’14)

Kymberly Gowdy, Ph.D. (AAI ’14)
Assistant Professor
East Carolina University

Destination: Zea Borok’s laboratory at the University of Southern California
Technique: Isolation and culture of alveolar type I cells
Application: Analysis of pulmonary innate immune responses

Roslyn Kemp, Ph.D. (AAI ’13)

Roslyn Kemp, Ph.D. (AAI ’13)
Senior Lecturer
University of Otago, New Zealand

Destination: Barbara Fazekas de St. Groth’s laboratory at the Centenary Institute in Camperdown, Australia
Technique: Time-of-flight mass cytometry
Application: Study of tumor immune microenvironment in patients with colorectal cancer

Kerri Mowen, Ph.D. (AAI ’06)

Kerri Mowen, Ph.D. (AAI ’06)
Assistant Professor
The Scripps Research Institute

Destination: Mark Anderson’s laboratory at the University of California
Technique: Thymic kidney capsule transplantation
Application: Examination of the mediation of anti-citrulline immune responses by T cells

Sharon Singh, Ph.D. (AAI ’14)

Sharon Singh, Ph.D. (AAI ’14)
Assistant Investigator
Feinstein Institute for Medical Research

Destination: Kathleen Sakamoto’s laboratory at Stanford University
Technique: Transduction of hematopoietic stem cells with specific shRNA-expressing lentiviral constructs
Application: Study of mechanisms for ribosomal protein deficiencies that predispose individuals to cancer development

Wei-ping Zeng, Ph.D. (AAI ’10)

Wei-ping Zeng, Ph.D. (AAI ’10)
Associate Professor
Marshall University

Destination: Baohua Zhou’s laboratory at Indiana University
Technique: Mechanical lung ventilation to measure compliance and resistance in airways
Application: Analysis of the impact of bacterial infection on sensitization to allergens in a murine model of asthma

2014 - Fall Application Cycle

Holly Algood, Ph.D.

Holly Algood, Ph.D. (AAI ’11)
Assistant Professor
Vanderbilt University

Destination: University of Cincinnati
Technique: Gastric ulceration model using in vivo gastric microscopy
Application: Observation of both live Helicobacter pylori localization and gastric damage and repair

Randy Cron, M.D.,Ph.D.

Randy Cron, M.D.,Ph.D. (AAI ’00)
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Destination: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland
Technique: Techniques critical to establishing HIV-1 latency in primary human CD4+ T cells
Application: Investigation of the mechanisms behind HIV infection and latency in CD4+ T cell subsets

Yang Dai, Ph.D.

Yang Dai, Ph.D. (AAI ’09)
Assistant Professor
The Scripps Research Institute

Destination: Benaroya Research Institute, Seattle
Technique: Primary human CD4+ T cell culture and the production of cell lines and clones
Application: Study of autoreactive T cells and the identification of candidate autoantigens in type 1 diabetes

Ann Griffith, Ph.D.

Ann Griffith, Ph.D. (AAI ’12)
Assistant Professor
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Destination: University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Technique: Tetramer-based enrichment techniques and ELISpot analysis
Application: Analysis of age-induced changes in autoreactive T cell production in the thymus

Sunil Joshi, D.V.M, Ph.D.

Sunil Joshi, D.V.M, Ph.D. (AAI ’12)
Assistant Professor
Old Dominion University

Destination: New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark
Technique: Dielectric behavior of biological cells and tissues using electrical impedance spectroscopy
Application: Measurement of the electrical impedance at the interface of the skin and superficial lymph nodes

Qiana Matthews, Ph.D.

Qiana Matthews, Ph.D. (AAI ’14)
Assistant Professor
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Destination: Duke University, Durham
Technique: Antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity
Application: Evaluation of the efficacy of HIV vaccines

Jyotika Sharma, Ph.D.

Jyotika Sharma, Ph.D. (AAI ’05)
Assistant Professor
University of North Dakota

Destination: Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN
Technique: Usage of murine cigarette smoke inhalation chamber
Application: Analysis of lung function and immune responses in models of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

2014 - Summer Application Cycle

Irving C. Allen, Ph.D.

Irving C. Allen, Ph.D. (AAI '12)
Assistant Professor
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Destination: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Technique: Synthesis of novel nanoparticle delivery systems
Application: Development of immune-targeted therapies for inflammatory bowel disease

Shanjana Awasthi, Ph.D.

Shanjana Awasthi, Ph.D. (AAI '04)
Associate Professor
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Destination: Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
Technique: Non-invasive measurement of mouse arterial oxygen saturation and other vital parameters
Application: Analysis of lung function in LPS-induced lung injury and Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection models

Pooja Jain, Ph.D.

Pooja Jain, Ph.D. (AAI '09)
Associate Professor
Drexel University

Destination: Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia
Technique: Epigenetic analysis of immune cells
Application: Identification of key determinants of dendritic cell identity and lineage commitment during development

Lin Lin, MD, Ph.D.

Lin Lin, MD, Ph.D. (AAI '08)
Assistant Professor
Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute

Destination: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Technique: Pronuclear microinjection of mouse embryos
Application: Creation of targeted humanized transgenic mice that produce human antibodies

Hubert M. Tse, Ph.D.

Hubert M. Tse, Ph.D. (AAI '11)
Assistant Professor
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Destination: National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
Technique: Analysis of free radicals with immunological-spin trapping
Application: Detection of in vivo generation of free radicals in type 1 diabetes



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