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The American Association of Immunologists

AAI Course in Big Data Analysis in Immunology

September 6-9, 2017
Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus
Rockville, MD

With the vast amount of immunological data available, immunology research has entered the big data era. The challenge for immunologists is to transition from working with data, to obtaining knowledge that can be used to generate data-driven hypotheses. Knowledge discovery relies on both the availability of accurate and well-organized data, and proper analysis.

The AAI Course in Big Data Analysis in Immunology will provide hands-on training in specialized analysis of large immunological datasets. Topics covered include, but are not limited to: reproducibility, introduction to programming (Linux and R), high-throughput flow cytometry data analysis, RNA sequencing data analysis, downstream analysis, biological data repositories (ImmPort, Immune Epitope Database and Analysis Resource), and biological networks.

This course is taught by experienced bioinformatics experts and is suitable for participants with an intermediate or advanced understanding of the principles of immunology; laboratory experience helpful. Previous experience using Linux or R programming is helpful, but is not required.

Course attendees will need to bring their own laptops, with R Studio installed (free online). Immunological datasets will be provided for analysis during the course. Because this course offers hands-on training, space is limited to 40 attendees.

The Course in Big Data Analysis in Immunology is sponsored by The American Association of Immunologists, the largest and most prestigious association in the world for professional scientists engaged in basic and clinical immunological research.

Notice: While AAI has rented facilities from the Johns Hopkins University, AAI and any programs operated by it are not related to or affiliated with the Johns Hopkins University in any way.  AAI is an entirely separate legal entity with no connection to the Johns Hopkins University, aside from the temporary use of facility for the specified program.


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