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Kathryn J. Wood, Andrew R. Bushell, and Nick D. Jones

The Discovery of Immunological Tolerance: Now More Than Just a Laboratory Solution

J Immunol 2010 184: 3-4 [Full Text] [PDF]

R. E. Billingham, L. Brent, and P. B. Medawar

Pillars Article: ‘Actively Acquired Tolerance’ of Foreign Cells. Nature. 1953. 172: 603–606

J Immunol 2010 184: 5-8 [PDF]


Robert Winchester

A Golden Anniversary: Recognition That Rheumatoid Arthritis Sera Contain Autoantibodies Specific for Determinants on Native IgG Molecules

J Immunol 2007 178: 1227-1228 [Full Text] [PDF]

Edward C. Franklin, Halsted R. Holman, Hans J. Muller-Eberhard, and Henry G. Kunkel

Pillars Article: An Unusual Protein Component of High Molecular Weight in the Serum of Certain Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis. J. Exp. Med. 1957. 105: 425–438

J Immunol 2007 178: 1229-1242 [PDF]


Christophe Viret and Werner Gurr

The Origin of the "One Cell-One Antibody" Rule

J Immunol 2009 182: 1229-1230 [Full Text] [PDF]

G. J. V. Nossal and Joshua Lederberg

Pillars Article: Antibody Production by Single Cells. Nature. 1958. 181: 1419–1420

J Immunol 2009 182: 1231-1232 [PDF]


Carol F. Webb and Paul W. Kincade

The Divergence of Lymphocyte Development Pathways

J Immunol 2006 176: 6369-6369 [Full Text] [PDF]

Max D. Cooper, Raymond D. A. Peterson, Mary Ann South, and Robert A. Good

Pillars Article: The Functions of the Thymus System and the Bursa System in the Chicken. J. Exp. Med. 1966. 123: 75–102

J Immunol 2006 176: 6370-6404 [PDF]

George C. Tsokos

In the Beginning Was Sm

J Immunol 2006 176: 1295-1296 [Full Text] [PDF]

E. M. Tan and H. G. Kunkel

Pillars Article: Characteristics of a Soluble Nuclear Antigen Precipitating with Sera of Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. J. Immunol. 1966. 96: 464–471

J Immunol 2006 176: 1297-1304 [PDF]

Patricia J. Gearhart

Antibody Wars: Extreme Diversity

J Immunol 2006 177: 4235-4236 [Full Text] [PDF]

Sydney Brenner and César Milstein

Pillars Article: Origin of Antibody Variation. Nature. 1966. 211: 242–243

J Immunol 2006 177: 4237-4238 [PDF]

Jonathan S. Bromberg

The Beginnings of T-B Collaboration

J Immunol 2004 173: 7-8 [Full Text] [PDF]

Henry N. Claman, Edward A. Chaperon, and R. Faser Triplett

Pillars Article: Immunocompetence of Transferred Thymus-Marrow Cell Combinations. J. Immunol. 1966. 97:828-832

J Immunol 2004 173: 9-13 [PDF]


Jeffrey L. Platt

Allophenic Mice: A Pillar Awaiting Its Superstructure

J Immunol 2007 178: 4005-4006 [Full Text] [PDF]

Beatrice Mintz and Willys K. Silvers

Pillars Article: "Intrinsic" Immunological Tolerance in Allophenic Mice. Science. 1967. 158: 1484–1487

J Immunol 2007 178: 4007-4010 [PDF]


Jack R. Bennink

Making the Connection: Antibody Responsiveness and MHC Genes

J Immunol 2004 173: 1499-1499 [Full Text] [PDF]

Hugh O. McDevitt and Allen Chinitz

Pillars Article: Genetic Control of the Antibody Responses: Relationship between Immune Response and Histocompatibility (H-2) Type. Science. 1969. 163:1207–1208

J Immunol 2004 173: 1500-1501[PDF]

Norman R. Klinman

When Two-Dimensional Structure Led the Way

J Immunol 2004 173: 5333-5334 [Full Text] [PDF]

Gerald M. Edelman, Bruce A. Cunningham, W. Einar Gall, Paul D. Gottlieb, Urs Rutishauser, and Myron J. Waxdal

Pillars Article: The Covalent Structure of an Entire γG Immunoglobulin Molecule. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 1969. 63: 78–85

J Immunol 2004 173: 5335-5342 [PDF]

Pamela J. Fink

More Than Just Vanilla

J Immunol 2008 180: 4351-4352 [Full Text] [PDF]

Martin C. Raff

Pillars Article: Theta Isoantigen as a Marker of Thymus-Derived Lymphocytes in Mice. Nature. 1969. 224: 378–379

J Immunol 2008 180: 4353-4354 [PDF]


Leroy E. Hood

Wu and Kabat 1970: A Transforming View of Antibody Diversity

J Immunol 2008 180: 7055-7056 [Full Text] [PDF]

Tai Te Wu and Elvin A. Kabat

Pillars Article: An Analysis of the Sequences of the Variable Regions of Bence Jones Proteins and Myeloma Light Chains and their Implications for Antibody Complementarity. J. Exp. Med. 1970. 132: 211–250

J Immunol 2008 180: 7057-7096 [PDF]


Pamela J. Fink

T Cells Stop to Smell the (Antigenic) Roses

J Immunol 2006 177: 1379-1380 [Full Text] [PDF]

Jonathan Sprent, Jacques F. A. P. Miller, and Graham F. Mitchell

Pillars Article: Antigen-Induced Selective Recruitment of Circulating Lymphocytes. Cell. Immunol. 1971. 2: 171–181

J Immunol 2006 177: 1381-1391 [PDF]

Jiri Mestecky and Charles O. Elson

Peyer’s Patches as the Inductive Site for IgA Responses

J Immunol 2008 180: 1293-1294 [Full Text] [PDF]

Susan W. Craig and John J. Cebra

Pillars Article: Peyer’sPatches: An Enriched Source of Precursors for IgA-Producing Immunocytes in the Rabbit. J. Exp. Med. 1971. 134: 188–200

J Immunol 2008 180: 1295-1307 [PDF]


Michael P. Cancro

Crossing the Threshold of Lymphocyte Activation

J Immunol 2005 174: 5159-5160 [Full Text] [PDF]

Norman R. Klinman

Pillars Article: The Mechanism of Antigenic Stimulation of Primary and Secondary Clonal Precursor Cells. J. Exp. Med. 1972. 136: 241–260

J Immunol 2005 174: 5161-5180 [PDF]

Michael R. Blackburn and Linda F. Thompson

Adenosine Deaminase Deficiency: Unanticipated Benefits from the Study of a Rare Immunodeficiency

J Immunol 2012 188: 933-935 [Full Text] [PDF]

Eloise R. Giblett, Jeanne E. Anderson, Flossie Cohen, Bernard Pollara, and Hilaire J. Meuwissen

Pillars Article: Adenosine-Deaminase Deficiency in Two Patients with Severely Impaired Cellular Immunity. The Lancet. 1972. 300: 1067–1069

J Immunol 2012 188: 936-938 [PDF]


Giorgio Trinchieri

The Birth of a Cell Type

J Immunol 2007 178: 3-4 [Full Text] [PDF]

Ralph M. Steinman and Zanvil A. Cohn

Pillars Article: Identification of a Novel Cell Type in Peripheral Lymphoid Organs of Mice. I. Morphology, Quantitation, Tissue Distribution. J. Exp. Med. 1973. 137: 1142–1162

J Immunol 2007 178: 5-25 [PDF]

Ted H. Hansen

Which Lymphoid Cells Express MHC Class II Antigens; Are TCRs Encoded within the MHC?

J Immunol 2011 187: 2043-2044 [Full Text] [PDF]

David H. Sachs and James L. Cone

Pillars Article: A Mouse B-Cell Alloantigen Determined By Gene(s) Linked To The Major Histocompatibility Complex. J. Exp. Med. 1973. 138: 1289–1304

J Immunol 2011 187: 2045-2060 [PDF]


Michael J. Bevan

Altered Self, Altered World

J Immunol 2004 173: 2897-2898 [Full Text] [PDF]

Rolf M. Zinkernagel and Peter C. Doherty

Pillars Article: Immunological Surveillance against Altered Self Components by Sensitised T Lymphocytes in Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis. Nature. 1974. 251: 547–548

J Immunol 2004 173: 2899-2900 [PDF]


Christopher C. Goodnow

Nossal and Pike 1975: A Turning Point in the Effort to Define Self-Tolerance Mechanisms

J Immunol 2007 179: 5617-5618 [Full Text] [PDF]

G. J. V. Nossal and Beverley L. Pike

Pillars Article: Evidence for the Clonal Abortion Theory of B-Lymphocyte Tolerance. J. Exp. Med. 1975. 141: 904–917

J Immunol 2007 179: 5619-5632 [PDF]

Leonard Chess

The Birth of Functionally Distinct T Cell Subsets

J Immunol 2006 176: 3859-3860 [Full Text] [PDF]

H. Cantor and E. A. Boyse

Pillars Article: Functional Subclasses of T Lymphocytes Bearing Different Ly Antigens. I. The Generation of Functionally Distinct T-Cell Subclasses is a Differentiative Process Independent of Antigen. J. Exp. Med. 1975. 141: 1376–1389

J Immunol 2006 176: 3861-3874 [PDF]

David H. Margulies

Monoclonal Antibodies: Producing Magic Bullets by Somatic Cell Hybridization

J Immunol 2005 174: 2451-2452 [Full Text] [PDF]

G. Köhler and C. Milstein

Pillars Article: Continuous Cultures of Fused Cells Secreting Antibody of Predefined Specificity. Nature. 1975. 256: 495–497

J Immunol 2005 174: 2453-2455 [PDF]

Harald von Boehmer

Shaping the T Cell Repertoire

J Immunol 2005 175: 7067-7068 [Full Text] [PDF]

Michael John Bevan

Pillars Article: The Major Histocompatibility Complex Determines Susceptibility to Cytotoxic T Cells Directed against Minor Histocompatibility Antigens. J. Exp. Med. 1975. 142: 1349–1364

J Immunol 2005 175: 7069-7084 [PDF]


Graham Anderson and Eric J. Jenkinson

Bringing the Thymus to the Bench

J Immunol 2008 181: 7435-7436 [Full Text] [PDF]

J. H. Robinson and J. J. T. Owen

Pillars Article: Generation of T-cell Function in Organ Culture of Foetal Mouse Thymus. I. Mitogen Responsiveness. Clin. Exper. Immunol. 1976. 23: 347–354

J Immunol 2008 181: 7437-7444 [PDF]

Patricia J. Gearhart

The Birth of Molecular Immunology

J Immunol 2004 173: 4259-4259 [Full Text] [PDF]

N. Hozumi and S. Tonegawa

Pillars Article: Evidence for Somatic Rearrangement of Immunoglobulin Genes Coding for Variable and Constant Regions. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 1976. 73: 3628-3632

J Immunol 2004 173: 4260-4264 [PDF]

Francis R. Carbone and William R. Heath

Cross-Priming: Its Beginnings

J Immunol 2010 185: 1353-1354 [Full Text] [PDF]

Michael J. Bevan

Pillars Article: Minor H Antigens Introduced on H-2 Different Stimulating Cells Cross-React at the Cytotoxic T Cell Level during In Vivo Priming. J. Immunol. 1976. 117: 2233–2238

J Immunol 2010 185: 1355-1360 [PDF]

Michael J. Bevan

Pillars Article: Cross-Priming for a Secondary Cytotoxic Response to Minor H Antigens with H-2 Congenic Cells Which Do Not Cross-React in the Cytotoxic Assay. J. Exp. Med. 1976. 143: 1283–1288

J Immunol 2010 185: 1361-1366 [PDF]


Joost J. Oppenheim

IL-2: More Than a T Cell Growth Factor

J Immunol 2007 179: 1413-1414 [Full Text] [PDF]

Francis W. Ruscetti, Doris A. Morgan, and Robert C. Gallo

Pillars Article: Functional and Morphologic Characterization of Human T Cells Continuously Grown In Vitro. J. Immunol. 1977. 119: 131–138

J Immunol 2007 179: 1415-1422 [PDF]

Harald von Boehmer

Shaping the T Cell Repertoire

J Immunol 2006 176: 3-4 [Full Text][PDF]

Michael J. Bevan

Pillars Article: In a Radiation Chimaera, Host H-2 Antigens Determine Immune Responsiveness of Donor Cytotoxic Cells. Nature. 1977. 269: 417–418

J Immunol 2006 176: 5-6 [PDF]


J. Donald Capra

Multiple Genes, One Polypeptide Chain

J Immunol 2004 173: 6501-6502 [Full Text] [PDF]

P. Early, H. Huang, M. Davis, K. Calame, and L. Hood

Pillars Article: An Immunoglobulin Heavy Chain Variable Region Gene Is Generated from Three Segments of DNA: VH, D and JH. Cell. 1980. 19: 981–992

J Immunol 2004 173: 6503-6514 [PDF]


Jack L. Strominger

Animal Antimicrobial Peptides: Ancient Players in Innate Immunity

J Immunol 2009 182: 6633-6634 [Full Text] [PDF]

Hakan Steiner, Dan Hultmark, Åke Engström, Hans Bennich, and Hans G. Boman

Pillars Article: Sequence and Specificity of Two Antibacterial Proteins Involved in Insect Immunity. Nature. 1981. 292: 246–248

J Immunol 2009 182: 6635-6637 [PDF]

Paul F. Robbins

Helping Tumor Cells To Die

J Immunol 2013 190: 1897-1898 [Full Text][PDF]

Philip D. Greenberg, Martin A. Cheever, and Alexander Fefer

Pillars Article: Eradication of Disseminated Murine Leukemia by Chemoimmunotherapy with Cyclophosphamide and Adoptively Transferred Immune Syngeneic Lyt-1+2 Lymphocytes. J. Exp. Med. 1981. 154: 952–963

J Immunol 2013 190: 1899-1910 [PDF]

Paul M. Allen

Making Antigen Presentable

J Immunol 2007 179: 3-4 [Full Text] [PDF]

Kirk Ziegler and Emil R. Unanue

Pillars Article: Identification of a Macrophage Antigen-Processing Event Required for I-Region-Restricted Antigen Presentation to T Lymphocytes. J. Immunol. 1981. 127: 1869–1875

J Immunol 2007 179: 5-11 [PDF]


Robert L. Coffman

Converging Discoveries: The First Reports of IL-4

J Immunol 2013 190: 847-848 [Full Text][PDF]

Peter C. Isakson, Ellen Pure, Ellen S. Vitetta, and Peter H. Krammer

Pillars Article: T Cell-Derived B Cell Differentiation Factor(s). Effect on the Isotype Switch of Murine B Cells. J. Exp. Med. 1982. 155: 734–748

J Immunol 2013 190: 849-863 [PDF]

Maureen Howard, John Farrar, Mary Hilfiker, Barbara Johnson, Kiyoshi Takatsu, Toshiyuki Hamaoka, and William E. Paul

Pillars Article: Identification of a T Cell-Derived B Cell Growth Factor Distinct from Interleukin 2. J. Exp. Med. 1982. 155: 914–923

J Immunol 2013 190: 864-873 [PDF]

Lewis L. Lanier

First Sighting of the Elusive T Cell Antigen Receptor

J Immunol 2005 174: 1143-1143 [Full Text] [PDF]

James P. Allison, Bradley W. McIntyre, and David Bloch

Pillars Article: Tumor-Specific Antigen of Murine T-Lymphoma Defined with Monoclonal Antibody. J. Immunol. 1982. 129: 2293–2300

J Immunol 2005 174: 1144-1151 [PDF]

Jerry R. McGhee

Peyer’s Patch Germinal Centers: The Elusive Switch Site for IgA

J Immunol 2005 175: 1361-1362 [Full Text] [PDF]

Eugene C. Butcher, Robert V. Rouse, Robert L. Coffman, Carol N. Nottenburg, Richard R. Hardy, and Irving L. Weissman

Pillars Article: Surface Phenotype of Peyer’s Patch Germinal Center Cells: Implications for the Role of Germinal Centers in B Cell Differentiation. J. Immunol. 1982. 129: 2698–2707

J Immunol 2005 175: 1363-1372 [PDF]


Steven D. Rosen

Homing in on L-Selectin

J Immunol 2006 177: 3-4 [Full Text] [PDF]

W. Michael Gallatin, Irving L. Weissman, and Eugene C. Butcher

Pillars Article: A Cell-Surface Molecule Involved in Organ-Specific Homing of Lymphocytes. Nature. 1983. 304: 30–34

J Immunol 2006 177: 5-9 [PDF]

Stephen M. Hedrick

The TCR of Mice and Men

J Immunol 2006 176: 2681-2682 [Full Text] [PDF]

John Kappler, Ralph Kubo, Kathryn Haskins, Charles Hannum, Philippa Marrack, Michele Pigeon, Bradley McIntyre, James Allison, and Ian Trowbridge

Pillars Article: The Major Histocompatibility Complex-restricted Antigen Receptor on T Cells in Mouse and Man: Identification of Constant and Variable Peptides. Cell. 1983. 35: 295–302

J Immunol 2006 176: 2683-2690 [PDF]


Arthur Weiss

Discovering the TCR β-Chain by Subtraction

J Immunol 2005 175: 2769-2770 [Full Text] [PDF]

Stephen M. Hedrick, David I. Cohen, Ellen A. Nielsen, and Mark M. Davis

Pillars Article: Isolation of cDNA Clones Encoding T Cell-Specific Membrane-Associated Proteins. Nature. 1984. 308: 149–153

J Immunol 2005 175: 2771-2775 [PDF]

Marko Radic

Tracking and Trapping Somatic Mutations in Ig Genes

J Immunol 2008 180: 5763-5764 [Full Text] [PDF]

David McKean, KonradHuppi, Michael Bell, Louis Staudt, Walter Gerhard, and Martin Weigert

Pillars Article: Generation of Antibody Diversity in the Immune Response of BALB/c Mice to Influenza Virus Hemagglutinin. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 1984. 81: 3180–3184

J Immunol 2008 180: 5765-5769 [PDF]

Hidde L. Ploegh

Bridging B Cell and T Cell Recognition of Antigen

J Immunol 2007 179: 7193-7193 [Full Text] [PDF]

Kenneth L. Rock, Baruj Benacerraf, and Abul K. Abbas

Pillars Article: Antigen Presentation by Hapten-Specific B Lymphocytes. 1. Role of Surface Immunoglobulin Receptors. J. Exp. Med. 1984. 160: 1102–1113

J Immunol 2007 179: 7194-7205 [PDF]

Antonio Lanzavecchia

Pillars Article: Antigen-Specific Interaction between T and B Cells. Nature. 1985. 314: 537–539

J Immunol 2007 179: 7206-7208 [PDF]

Theresa T. Pizarro and Fabio Cominelli

Cloning IL-1 and the Birth of a New Era in Cytokine Biology

J Immunol 2007 178: 5411-5412 [Full Text] [PDF]

Philip E. Auron, Andrew C. Webb, Lanny J. Rosenwasser, Steven F. Mucci, Alexander Rich, Sheldon M. Wolff, and Charles A. Dinarello

Pillars Article: Nucleotide Sequence of Human Monocyte Interleukin 1 Precursor cDNA. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 1984. 81: 7907–7911

J Immunol 2007 178: 5413-5417 [PDF]


Barry P. Sleckman and Eugene M. Oltz

Preparing Targets for V(D)J Recombinase: Transcription Paves the Way

J Immunol 2012 188: 7-9 [Full Text] [PDF]

George D. Yancopoulos and Frederick W. Alt

Pillars Article: Developmentally Controlled and Tissue-Specific Expression of Unrearranged VH Gene Segments. Cell. 1985. 40: 271–281

J Immunol 2012 188: 10-20 [PDF]

Jan Vilcek

First Demonstration of the Role of TNF in the Pathogenesis of Disease

J Immunol 2008 181: 5-6 [Full Text] [PDF]

Bruce Beutler, Ian W. Milsark, and Anthony C. Cerami

Pillars Article: Passive Immunization Against Cachectin/Tumor Necrosis Factor Protects Mice from Lethal Effect of Endotoxin. Science. 1985. 229:869–871

J Immunol 2008 181: 7-9 [PDF]

Juan Carlos Zúñiga-Pflücker

The Original Intrathymic Progenitor from Which T Cells Originate

J Immunol 2009 183: 3-4 [Full Text] [PDF]

B. J. Fowlkes, Linette Edison, Bonnie J. Mathieson, and Thomas M. Chused

Pillars Article: Early T Lymphocytes. Differentiation In Vivo of Adult Intrathymic Precursor Cells. J. Exp. Med. 1985. 162: 802–822

J Immunol 2009 183: 5-25 [PDF]

Toshiaki Kawakami

A Crucial Door to the Mast Cell Mystery Knocked In

J Immunol 2009 183: 6861-6862 [Full Text] [PDF]

Toru Nakano, Takashi Sonoda, Chieko Hayashi, Atsushi Yamatodani, Yoshio Kanayama, Tei-Ichi Yamamura, Hidekazu Asai, Takeshi Yonezawa, Yukihiko Kitamura, and Stephen J. Galli

Pillars Article: Fate of Bone Marrow-Derived Cultured Mast Cells after Intracutaneous, Intraperitoneal, and Intravenous Transfer into Genetically Mast Cell-Deficient W/Wv Mice. Evidence That Cultured Mast Cells Can Give Rise to Both Connective Tissue Type and Mucosal Mast Cells. J. Exp. Med. 1985. 162: 1025–1043

J Immunol 2009 183: 6863-6881 [PDF]

Janice S. Blum

One for One Peptide Binding to MHC Molecules

J Immunol 2005 175: 4161-4162 [Full Text] [PDF]

Bruce P. Babbitt, Paul M. Allen, Gary Matsueda, Edgar Haber, and Emil R. Unanue

Pillars Article: Binding of Immunogenic Peptides to Ia Histocompatibility Molecules. Nature. 1985. 317: 359–361

J Immunol 2005 175: 4163-4165 [PDF]


Lewis L. Lanier

Missing Self, NK Cells, and The White Album

J Immunol 2005 174: 6565-6565 [Full Text] [PDF]

Klas Kärre, Hans Gustaf Ljunggren, Gerald Piontek, and Rolf Kiessling

Pillars Article: Selective Rejection of H–2-Deficient Lymphoma Variants Suggests Alternative Immune Defence Strategy. Nature. 1986. 391: 675–678

J Immunol 2005 174: 6566-6569 [PDF]

Yvonne Paterson

When It Comes to CTL Recognition, Size Does Matter

J Immunol 2006 176: 5139-5140 [Full Text] [PDF]

A. R. M. Townsend, J. Rothbard, F. M. Gotch, G. Bahadur, D. Wraith, and A. J. McMichael

Pillars Article: The Epitopes of Influenza Nucleoprotein Recognized by Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes Can Be Defined with Short Synthetic Peptides. Cell. 1986. 44: 959–968

J Immunol 2006 176: 5141-5150 [PDF]

Jerry R. McGhee

The World of Th1/Th2 Subsets: First Proof

J Immunol 2005 175: 3-4 [Full Text] [PDF]

Timothy R. Mosmann, Holly Cherwinski, Martha W. Bond, Martin A. Giedlin, and Robert L. Coffman

Pillars Article: Two Types of Murine Helper T Cell Clone. I. Definition According to Profiles of Lymphokine Activities and Secreted Proteins. J. Immunol. 1986. 136: 2348–2357

J Immunol 2005 175: 5-14 [PDF]

Gail A. Bishop

The Power of Monoclonal Antibodies as Agents of Discovery: CD40 Revealed as a B Lymphocyte Costimulator

J Immunol 2012 188: 4127-4129 [Full Text] [PDF]

Edward A. Clark and Jeffrey A. Ledbetter

Pillars Article: Activation of Human B Cells Mediated through Two Distinct Cell Surface Differentiation Antigens, Bp35 and Bp50. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 1986. 83: 4494–4498

J Immunol 2012 188: 4130-4134 [PDF]

Eric O. Long

ICAM-1: Getting a Grip on Leukocyte Adhesion

J Immunol 2011 186: 5021-5023 [Full Text] [PDF]

Michael L. Dustin, Robert Rothlein, Atul K. Bhan, Charles A. Dinarello, and Timothy A. Springer

Pillars Article: Induction By IL 1 and Interferon-γ: Tissue Distribution, Biochemistry, and Function of a Natural Adherence Molecule (ICAM-1). J. Immunol. 1986. 137: 245–254

J Immunol 2011 186: 5024-5033 [PDF]

Robert Rothlein, Michael L. Dustin, Steven D. Marlin, and Timothy A. Springer

Pillars Article: A Human Intercellular Adhesion Molecule (ICAM-1) Distinct from LFA-1. J. Immunol. 1986. 137: 1270–1274

J Immunol 2011 186: 5034-5038 [PDF]

Martin Turner and Peter D. Katsikis

A New Mechanism of Gene Regulation Mediated by Noncoding RNA

J Immunol 2012 189: 3-4 [Full Text][PDF]

Gray Shaw and Robert Kamen

Pillars Article: A Conserved AU Sequence from the 3' Untranslated Region of GM-CSF mRNA MediatesSelective mRNA Degradation. Cell. 1986. 46: 659-667

J Immunol 2012 189: 5-13 [PDF]

Michael J. May

A Nuclear Factor in B Cells and Beyond

J Immunol 2006 177: 7483-7484 [Full Text] [PDF]

Ranjan Sen and David Baltimore

Pillars Article: Multiple Nuclear Factors Interact with the Immunoglobulin Enhancer Sequences. Cell. 1986. 46: 705–716

J Immunol 2006 177: 7485-7496 [PDF]


Hélène Bour-Jordan and Jeffery A. Bluestone

How Suppressor Cells Led to Anergy, Costimulation, and Beyond

J Immunol 2009 183: 4147-4149 [Full Text] [PDF]

Marc K. Jenkins and Ronald H. Schwartz

Pillars Article: Antigen Presentation by Chemically Modified Splenocytes Induces Antigen-Specific T Cell Unresponsiveness In Vitro and In Vivo. J. Exp. Med. 1987. 165: 302–319

J Immunol 2009 183: 4150-4167 [PDF]

Jonathan Sprent

Proving Negative Selection in the Thymus

J Immunol 2005 174: 3841-3842 [Full Text] [PDF]

John W. Kappler, Neal Roehm, and Philippa Marrack

Pillars Article: T Cell Tolerance by Clonal Elimination in the Thymus Cell. 1987. 49: 273–280

J Immunol 2005 174: 3843-3850 [PDF]

Richard M. Ransohoff

Selective Leukocyte Chemoattractants Emerge from the Primeval Sup(ernatants)

J Immunol 2005 175: 5567-5568 [Full Text] [PDF]

Teizo Yoshimura, Kouji Matsushima, Joost J. Oppenheim, and Edward J. Leonard

Pillars Article: Neutrophil Chemotactic Factor Produced by Lipopolysaccharide(LPS)-Stimulated Human Blood Mononuclear Leukocytes: Partial Characterization and Separation from Interleukin 1 (IL 1). J. Immunol. 1987. 139: 788–793

J Immunol 2005 175: 5569-5574 [PDF]

Peter Parham

Putting a Face to MHC Restriction

J Immunol 2005 174: 3-5 [Full Text] [PDF]

P. J. Bjorkman, M. A. Saper, B. Samraoui, W. S. Bennett, J. L. Strominger, and D. C. Wiley

Pillars Article: Structure of the Human Class I Histocompatibility Antigen, HLA-A2. Nature. 1987. 329: 506–512

J Immunol 2005 174: 6-12 [PDF]

P. J. Bjorkman, M. A. Saper, B. Samraoui, W. S. Bennett, J. L. Strominger, and D. C. Wiley

Pillars Article: The Foreign Antigen Binding Site and T cell Recognition Regions of Class I Histocompatibility Antigens. Nature. 1987. 329: 512–518

J Immunol 2005 174: 13-19 [PDF]

Dario A. A. Vignali

CD4 on the Road to Coreceptor Status

J Immunol 2010 184: 5933-5934 [Full Text] [PDF]

Carolyn Doyle and Jack L. Strominger

Pillars Article: Interaction between CD4 and Class II MHC Molecules Mediates Cell Adhesion. Nature. 1987. 330: 256–259

J Immunol 2010 184: 5935-5938 [PDF]


Mark Boothby

CRACking the Code without Rosetta: Molecular Regulation of Calcium-Stimulated Gene Transcription after T Cell Activation

J Immunol 2010 185: 4969-4971 [Full Text] [PDF]

Jeng-Pyng Shaw, Paul J. Utz, David B. Durand, J. Jay Toole, Elizabeth Ann Emmel, and Gerald R. Crabtree

Pillars Article: Identification of a Putative Regulator of Early T Cell Activation Genes. Science. 1988. 241: 202–205

J Immunol 2010 185: 4972-4975 [PDF]

Gary A. Koretzky

Multiple Roles of CD4 and CD8 in T Cell Activation

J Immunol 2010 185: 2643-2644 [Full Text][PDF]

Christopher E. Rudd, James M. Trevillyan, Jai Dev Dasgupta, Linda L. Wong, and Stuart F. Schlossman

Pillars Article: The CD4 Receptor Is Complexed in Detergent Lysates to a Protein-Tyrosine Kinase (Pp58) from Human T Lymphocytes. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 1988. 85: 5190–5194

J Immunol 2010 185: 2645-2649 [PDF]

André Veillette, Michael A. Bookman, Eva M. Horak, and Joseph B. Bolen

Pillars Article: The CD4 and CD8 T Cell Surface Antigens are Associated with the Internal Membrane Tyrosine-Protein Kinase p56lck. Cell. 1988. 55: 301–308

J Immunol 2010 185: 2650-2657 [PDF]

Jay A. Levy

The Unexpected Pleiotropic Activities of RANTES

J Immunol 2009 182: 3945-3946 [Full Text][PDF]

Thomas J. Schall, Jan Jongstra, Bradley J. Dyer, Jeffrey Jorgensen, Carol Clayberger, Mark M. Davis, and Alan M. Krensky

Pillars Article: A Human T Cell-Specific Molecule Is a Member of a New Gene Family. J. Immunol. 1988. 141: 1018–1025

J Immunol 2009 182: 3947-3954 [PDF]

Andrew Getahun, Shannon K. O'Neill, and John C. Cambier

Establishing Anergy as a Bona Fide In Vivo Mechanism of B Cell Tolerance

J Immunol 2009 183: 5439-5441 [Full Text][PDF]

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The Peptide Cargo of Class I Molecules: Not Just Passive Passengers

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An Alternative Path for Antigen Presentation: Group 1 CD1 Proteins

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G.O.D.’s Holy Grail: Discovery of the RAG Proteins

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Conveying the Message: Identification of Ig-α and Ig-β as Components of the B Cell Receptor Complex

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PU.1, a Shared Transcriptional Regulator of Innate and Adaptive Immune Cell Fates

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The Earliest Knockouts

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Cytokine Mimicry with an Immunologic Reformation: The Discovery of a Decade

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Turning the Tide of Lymphocyte Costimulation

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IL-4 Production by T Cells: You Need a Little to Get a Lot

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Antigen Presentation: Discovery of the Peptide TAP

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Judith A. Appleton

Costs and Benefits of Immunity to Worm Infection

J Immunol 2012 189: 1101-1103 [Full Text][PDF]

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Uncovering the Role of Invariant Chain in Controlling MHC Class II Antigen Capture

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Paul W. Kincade

Moving the Field of B Lymphopoiesis

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To Each (MHC Molecule) Its Own (Binding Motif)

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Altered Peptide Ligands Make Their Entry

J Immunol 2011 186: 7-8 [Full Text] [PDF]

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Where the Confusion Began: Cloning the First Chemokine Receptors

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Human Tumor Immunology at the Molecular Divide

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Characterizing MHC-Associated Peptides by Mass Spectrometry

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Autoimmunity: Twenty Years in the Fas Lane

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Innate and Adaptive Receptors Interact to Balance Humoral Immunity

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Plugging the Leaky Pre-B Cell Receptor

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The First Molecular Basis of the "Missing Self" Hypothesis

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Colonel Bruton's Kinase Defined the Molecular Basis of X-Linked Agammaglobulinemia, the First Primary Immunodeficiency

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Receptor Editing as a Mechanism of B Cell Tolerance

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The "Bubble Boy" Paradox: An Answer That Led to a Question

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Th1 Fate Determination in CD4+ T Cells: Notice Is Served of the Importance of IL-12!

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Juan Carlos Zuniga-Pflucker

When Three Negatives Made a Positive Influence in Defining Four Early Steps in T Cell Development

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Jeremy M. Boss

Controlling the Ir Genes

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TCR Transgenic Mice That Shed Light on Immune and Environmental Regulators in Multiple Sclerosis

J Immunol 2013 190: 3015-3017 [Full Text][PDF]

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J Immunol 2013 190: 3028-3037 [PDF]


Stephen M. Hedrick

Positive Selection in the Thymus: An Enigma Wrapped in a Mystery

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Kathryn Calame

Blimp-1’s Maiden Flight

J Immunol 2010 185: 3-4 [Full Text] [PDF]

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CTLA-4: Not All Costimulation Is Stimulatory

J Immunol 2011 187: 3457-3458 [Full Text] [PDF]

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Identification of the Last Cog in a Ligand-Independent Signaling Machine?

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Staying Alive: T Cell Costimulation, CD28, and Bcl-xL

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Ethan M. Shevach

The Resurrection of T Cell-Mediated Suppression

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J Immunol 2011 186: 3808-3821 [PDF]

Sarah L. Gaffen

Life before Seventeen: Cloning of the IL-17 Receptor

J Immunol 2011 187: 4389-4391 [Full Text] [PDF]

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J Immunol 2011 187: 4392-4402 [PDF]


Robert W. Doms

Fusing HIV and Chemokine Receptors

J Immunol 2011 186: 6073-6075 [Full Text] [PDF]

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Pillars Article: HIV-1 Entry Cofactor: Functional cDNA Cloning of a Seven-Transmembrane, G Protein–Coupled Receptor. Science. 1996. 272: 872–877

J Immunol 2011 186: 6076-6081 [PDF]

Daniel R. Goldstein

T Cell Costimulation Blockade and Organ Transplantation: A Change of Philosophy for Transplant Immunologists?

J Immunol 2011 186: 2691-2692 [Full Text] [PDF]

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J Immunol 2011 186: 2693-2697 [PDF]

Stefanie N. Vogel

How Discovery of Toll-Mediated Innate Immunity in Drosophila Impacted Our Understanding of TLR Signaling (and Vice Versa)

J Immunol 2012 188: 5207-5209 [Full Text] [PDF]

Bruno Lemaitre, Emmanuelle Nicolas, Lydia Michaut, Jean-Marc Reichhart, and Jules A. Hoffmann

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J Immunol 2012 188: 5210-5220 [PDF]

Peter C. Doherty

The Tetramer Transformation

J Immunol 2011 187: 5-6 [Full Text] [PDF]

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J Immunol 2011 187: 7-9 [PDF]

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The First Structures of T Cell Receptors Bound to Peptide–MHC

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J Immunol 2010 185: 6402-6412 [PDF]


Neil Warner and Gabriel Nunez

MyD88: A Critical Adaptor Protein in Innate Immunity Signal Transduction

J Immunol 2013 190: 3-4 [Full Text][PDF]

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J Immunol 2013 190: 5-15 [PDF]

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Pillars Article: IRAK (Pelle) Family Member IRAK-2 and MyD88 as Proximal Mediators of IL-1 Signaling. Science. 1997. 278: 1612–1615

J Immunol 2013 190: 16-19 [PDF]


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