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The JI Pillars of Immunology

The "Pillars of Immunology" feature in The Journal of Immunology presents commentaries on published articles that have come to be regarded as classics in the field, along with republication of the original article. To date, articles published from 1953 to 1997 have been featured, affording younger immunologists the opportunity to see what research has come before and how it has led to research today. Additional "Pillars" will be featured from these and other eras in the first issue each month of The Journal of Immunology.

As part of its centennial celebrations The American Association of Immunologists is pleased to present the collected "Pillars of Immunology" commentaries from The Journal of Immunology in two new ways:

  1. To add even more historical context to this feature, a new web-based Table of Contents has been constructed that lists the commentaries in the chronological order of publication for each original scientific article and provides a full citation for the article. The new table of contents provides links to the commentaries and to the original articles as republished on The Journal of Immunology website.
  2. For readers "on-the-go," the "Pillars of Immunology" commentaries are available in three formats for mobile and tablet devices: EPUB, MOBI and ePDF. The collection includes commentaries from the first one published to the one published in the December 1, 2012, issue of The Journal of Immunology.

Download the free collection of "Pillars of Immunology" commentaries here:


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