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The American Association of Immunologists

CPA Goals for 2016-2017

  1. Advocate for increased and predictable funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other relevant federal funding organizations. Explain the harm caused by sequestration and inflation.
  2. Advocate for increased immunological research and explain its importance to preventing, treating, and curing disease.
  3. Monitor, advocate, and/or comment on federal legislation/federal agency actions impacting immunologists and/or biomedical research, including legislation/actions which may affect
    • The Journal of Immunology;
    • the NIH peer review process;
    • the NIH portfolio (particularly the balance between basic and clinical or translational research, and between individual investigator-initiated research and “big science”);
    • the national priority areas of biodefense and pandemic research; and
    • the nation’s ability to train, and address the future needs of, a diverse scientific workforce.
  4. Support and promote the ability of scientists to use animals in research in a humane manner.
  5. Identify and help inform members of Congress sympathetic to AAI issues and encourage them to take on leadership roles in the area of biomedical research.
  6. Maintain existing and foster new relationships with key NIH officials.
  7. Work in coalition with FASEB, other scientific societies, and other organizations to advance the AAI agenda, and work to develop ties with patient advocacy organizations.
  8. Report to and consult with the AAI Council on a regular basis to ensure that the AAI leadership is apprised of issues and activities of the CPA.
  9. Engage each member of the CPA on issue(s) of interest to him/her and to the AAI membership, and encourage each member to “take the lead” in identified area of interest.
  10. Inform the AAI membership of committee activities and of issues important to the conduct of research; encourage AAI members, particularly trainees and early-career members, to become advocates for the profession.
  11. Inform the AAI Public Policy Fellows (PPFs) about policy issues of importance to AAI members, and engage them as appropriate.


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