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AAI Member Benefits

AAI members enjoy benefits that help them advance their careers and at the same time advance the field of immunology.

Membership  AAI members participate in the largest and most prestigious professional association of immunologists worldwide with more than 7,700 members from 69 countries. In addition, AAI members receive membership in

Career Development  Members may avail themselves of myriad networking opportunities meeting with senior scientists and those from other institutions, improve their chances for advancement by taking courses in immunology and in critical job skills such as writing and lab management, and expand their own visibility by applying for and receiving various awards and travel grants.

Representation and Advocacy  Members receive critical support by having their views on research funding and science policy effectively presented to Congress and responsible federal funding agencies by fellow members and by the professional association staff.

Participation  Membership provides career enhancing opportunities to

  • serve on the Editorial Board of The Journal of Immunology,**
  • serve on AAI committees and as representatives of AAI to other organizations,*
  • serve as a Distinguished Lecturer, Major Symposia Chair, or Abstract Programming Chair at the AAI Annual Meeting*, and
  • vote in AAI elections, selecting the AAI leadership of the future.**

Eligibility  Membership comes with it the ability to be nominated for or to apply for various prestigious career enhancing awards and travel grants, most of which also provide monetary support and the opportunity to post your curriculum vitae on the AAI website.

Information  Membership offers you the opportunity to stay abreast of the latest scientific research and developments as well as the career activities of your peers with personal subscriptions to

Financial Benefits  Members are eligible for awards and travel grants and entitled to substantially reduced fees for various activities and products, thereby enabling them to do more with less, with monetary benefits often exceeding the cost of membership. These benefits include

  • $2.5 million in awards, fellowships, and travel grants, ranging from $300 to $52,000,
  • reduced registration fees for the AAI Annual Meeting (Regular, Associate, and Postdoctoral Trainee members save $215; Student Trainee Members save up to $100),
  • reduced fees for abstract submission (Members save $35),
  • free submission of a manuscript to The Journal of Immunology (Members* save $50),
  • reduced fees for publishing color figures in The Journal of Immunology (Members* save $300 on each color figure),
  • reduced fees for Author Choice option in The Journal of Immunology (Members* save $500),
  • reduced fees for attendance at AAI Courses (Members save $145), and
  • reduced subscription fees for 24 scientific journals (Members who purchased journals saved over $42,000 in 2016).

Continuity and Connections  As members change institutions, positions, the nature of their work, or retire, they continue to find scientific connections and fellowship with other AAI members throughout the world.

(*) Regular, Associate, Emeritus, and Honorary Members

(**) Regular, Emeritus, and Honorary Members


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