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The American Association of Immunologists

How to Make A Difference

Everything you need to advocate for biomedical research is available in the FASEB Legislative Action Center:

  • Contact your federal legislators
  • Learn more about issues under consideration in the House and Senate
  • Sign up for FASEB email alerts to learn about the latest developments on Capitol Hill
  • Become an Advocate: Your Guide to Advocating for Science on Capitol Hill and at Home

View the Online Advocacy Brochure

AAI Advocacy Brochure:

“Why Immunology Research Matters©,” a publication of The American Association of Immunologists (AAI), was created with the assistance of the AAI Committee on Public Affairs and AAI Public Policy Fellows in 2014. Revised in 2017, the brochure is designed to help Members of Congress, their staffs, and other lay audiences understand how the immune system works and why it is so vitally important. It also describes the economic impact of biomedical research, the important role of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in advancing research, and the annual AAI funding recommendation for NIH.

Please feel free to share the brochure with your family, friends, and anyone else who might be interested in learning more about immunology.




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